Recently had an entrepreneur ask me about how they can gain traction and/or beta users for their new iPhone app. Here's what I had to say.

"As for questions regarding traction, and beta users. One of the biggest marketing channels that just recently launched is the Facebook mobile advertising platform. I'm not sure how big your budget is but its definitely worth a shot.

One of the problems that app developers run into with marketing iPhone or android apps is that they try to market their product on desktop platforms. This is difficult because you don't want to reach users while they are online (desktop) you want to reach them while they are on their phones. 

A second problem is that they need to target the specific platform their game is built for (iPhone/android etc). Facebook Advertising solves these problems and isn't saturated like other advertising platforms…yet.

I'm sure you have already thought of viral loops you could use to hook friends of players into the app. Invite via Text, find friends that are already on the app. alert when friends join etc.

You can also reach out to websites that review apps to get reviewed (oneappaday, touch arcade).

Hope that helps, Best of Luck and Keep in touch.

- M"

Any other channels that are promising for Mobile "platform specific" marketing?

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