This is  a follow up post to Part 1

Google analytics captured 2,864 unique visits from the Adfly interstitial. Adsense captured 4,045 and adfly was paid to deliver 4,000.

I recouped 86.9% of the $10 i spent to drive the traffic (you can do the math ;-) )

The only problem i see is with adsense. The Adfly traffic  is coming from one url although the traffic is clearly coming from different computers across the world. It still looks suspicious. I cant find anywhere on the internet where this is clearly against their TOS. Adsense flags/bans any account activity that looks suspicious/fraudulent. I ran the test on to seed the virality (is that a word? idk.) The content is the focus of the site with only 2 ad placements. If it was a "made for adsense" site it would clearly be against the TOS.

My personal opinion: definitely brought traffic, received 4k eyes, recouped 86.9% of my investment using adsense, received 5 Facebook likes (Wasnt even a prominent call to action), received return visitors and tumblr posts about the site.

Will i continue using it? Receiving the visits isnt worth the possibility of having my adsense account banned so probably not on websites that use adsense  as  a monetization strategy.

I will use it when i need traffic to test out a theory or have a website where the monetization strategy doesn't involve adsense.

Thought: I could drive traffic to a main page that doesn't have adsense on it, while the secondary pages do have adsense. This will cover up the referring url. .....just a thought.

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